I offer a unique service using my creative editing skills to work with the author to raise his or her manuscript to an entirely new level.  All aspects of fiction and non-fiction books are thoroughly considered and addressed in a mindful and respectful manner. Rather than simply skimming a manuscript and offering feedback to point out areas of work that need revising, I offer potential solutions to resolve each problem area that I find. 

We all have special gifts and I was fortunate to recognize my gift with words at a young age. I am now focused on helping others to achieve success through their writing. I have been blessed to work with some gifted authors, as you will see in the testimonials section of this site. I very much look forward to connecting with you and working to help your book achieve the success it deserves. 


"Working with Annaliese Reid proved to be one of the best and most amazing experiences of my career.” 


Dr. Warren L. Woodruff

"I can rest easy knowing I can release my works with confidence and pride having had the joy and honor of working with Annaliese Reid".

Dr. Warren L. Woodruff

"Annaliese is one of the most painstakingly conscientious editors I’ve ever encountered and would enhance any literary property she puts her hand to.”


Dr. Kenneth John Atchity

"Aside from her mastery of English, grammar, punctuation, and style, she shows minute attention to detail that would do any author proud.”


Dr. Kenneth John Atchity

"Annaliese's editing skills and great attention to detail are superb and by the time we had worked through chapter 1, Annaliese had given me the knowledge and tools to hone my writing to a professional standard.  All this was done in a tremendous spirit of encouragement; Annaliese was intent on getting the very best out of me. Her technical skills and skill at reading me as a person and supporting me through my process meant that we developed a rapport and trust that continues to this day. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Annaliese to any writer, at whatever level."


Dr Julie Carter, Physician, psychologist and writer. 

"[Annaliese’s] critical thinking was evident but never expressed as criticism”.


Lynnclaire Dennis, The Mereon Legacy, CIC

"[Annaliese’s] commentary and contributions were invaluable in helping the 

authors make a complex subject comprehensible.


Lynnclaire Dennis, The Mereon Legacy CIC


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